Southern Vermont based photography and video production.


For as long as he can remember,

Adam has had a camera in his

hand, and a love for telling

stories. This, paired with a deep

passion for the outdoors and an

eager willingness to go wherever

the shot is, has culminated into

what is, his unique way of sharing

the world around him.


Having studied photography, first

at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,

and later with the New York

Institute of Photography, Adam

has the technical training and

experience to accompany his

creative vision.


Adam also brings his artistic

passion for images with him into his commercial based work in

advertising, as well as commissioned shoots such as portraits and event photography. (for more information about booking, click here!)


In addition to his still images, Adam has taken his unique style into the world of videography. Working with local conservation efforts on a recent documentary series called “The Meadows Project”, Adam’s work as Director of Photography has been noted in several popular Online fly fishing publications. Most notably, the Orvis Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival, Moldy Chum, Chi Wulff, and Gin-Clear.